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Här kommer en påminnelse från Holland om sommarens största taido-event!

Dear all,

About one month ago, we have sent around the official invitation regarding the Dutch Taido Open 2014, to be held in Leiden, The Netherlands from July 30th to August 3rd. As we received poor response and even less applications, I hereby would like to remind you on the event, which is getting closer in time: in order for us to make proper arrangements we do need your response.

We received some questions about the participation fee, as this was not mentioned in the official invitation. However, this has not been changed with respect to the preliminary invite, being 90 euro per adult, and 50 euro per child.

As this email is not addressed to all individual dojos or Taidoka, please forward this message to your members / dojos to give them the chance to register. The application form is in the official invitation sent earlier -- if you happen to have lost this message, please send an email to Okke Sensei in order to retrieve the application form.

Best wishes,

Kees Herbschleb
Chairman DTO 2014

Kees Herbschleb, 2014-06-04

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